4x8ft height 60 to 120CM Portable aluminum modular stage
Aluminum Assembly Stage
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Aluminum Assembly Stage 1.22*2.44m (4ft*8ft) Portable Concert Stage

Item No.: SP-244-0.6
This is a modular modular stage, which is the most popular stage used in event performances. The feature of this stage is that the larger the area, the more material saving, the more stable

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Product description

The perfect modular stage deck system for stages, fashion show catwalks, tribunes and conference podiums.

This kind of stage consist of adjustable base,stage lock, stage lep cilp, stage topping.lt is easy to assemble and adjustable.

A guaranteed top product approved by the TüV and available in standard metric and imperial sizes. The decks are based on a light and specially designed aluminum profile to join them by clamping into the desired shape. All accessories (self-levelling inserts, clamps, stairs clamps or assembly inserts to hang curtains or advertising banners) are designed to have a safe and flat surface and guarantees an easy set up.

The platforms can be supported by non- or slightly adjustable legs or telescopic legs which make it possible to precisely adjust the platform height within different height ranges. HJtruss carriers the metric system (1.22x2.44m etc) and the imperial system (4x8ft etc) The HJtruss Deck is characterized by its light weight, modularity, quality and its fair price. An extensive range of multi purpose stage decks – a lot of value for your money




1220 mm / 48.03 in


2440 mm / 96.06 in


60mm / 2.36 in


~40 kg/pcs